Americana Outdoors Presented by Garmin - Bird Hunting

Americana Outdoors Presented by Garmin - Bird Hunting

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Americana Outdoors Presented by Garmin - Bird Hunting
  • Taking Your Time

    In this episode of Americana Outdoors it's all about turkeys, deer and going fishing….and being patient in all these areas until things go your way.

  • It's All About the Exotics

    Americana Outdoors takes a look at hunting for introduced game. More commonly called exotics, many of these species provide year around hunting opportunities for trophies that come from around the world. In this show you'll see handguns, rifles, bows and more in action from the field.

  • Cabela's NTC & Collegiate Bass Fishing Championship

    In this episode of Americana Outdoors we showcase two of the largest and most prestigious fishing events in the nation: the Cabela's National Walleye Team Championship and the Cabela's Collegiate Bass Fishing Championship.

  • Whitetails

    In this episode of Americana Outdoors we hit the woods for opening weekend of deer season with a mix of good friends where we'll see Americana Outdoors Staff members doing it all from cooking, cleaning, sleeping, and of course, hunting whitetails.

  • The Hogs of 4 Amigos Ranch

    In this episode of Americana Outdoors we're on the Texas-Mexico border as guests of the 4 Amigos ranch on a hunt for wild hogs.

  • Hunt for the TC Strike

    Join Americana Outdoors and the Garmin Team on their coastal bird hunt. Then we'll meet up with Americana Outdoors Staff member Jeff Reynolds on his deer hunt with the Thompson Center Strike! Finally, we check out what's cooking in the Bradley Smoker!

  • Big Hogs, Longbeards, Deer, and Crossbows

    In this episode of Americana Outdoors we'll showcase the staff using crossbows for a wide range of game. You'll see encounters with turkeys, big whitetail, hogs and much more while learning more about shooting TenPoint Crossbows.

  • It's a Fishy Kind of Show

    In this episode of Americana Outdoors we hit the waters and wet a line in various places with the Americana Outdoors staff. First off we'll head to Falcon Lake for a hot weather fishing trip with Wade Middleton. Then it's off to the coast to go fishing with Clark Wendlandt and Jeff Reynolds as th...

  • Old Friends Turkey Hunting and Doves for Dinner

    Shotguns are blazing in this episode of Americana Outdoors as doves and turkeys are in on the menu for a mix of industry veterans who are in the field for opening day.

  • Cabela's Redfish Adventures

    Venice, Louisiana is the backdrop for this adventure with the Americana Outdoors staff and their special guests who have gathered from all over the nation for a week long gathering of outdoor industry leaders.

  • Ladies Chasing Gobblers

    It's springtime in Texas, where the turkeys are strutting and gobbling for three first time hunters. Then it's off to learn more about the growing sport of handgun hunting with a look at some of the best made hunting handguns on the market.

  • Chasin' Quail in West Texas

    Americana Outdoors heads to the plains of west Texas to meet up with the Garmin Team! It's time to let the dogs run on a quail hunt--allowing the Garmin team to show off some of their latest dog training products!

  • Touring the Nation

    Americana Outdoors follows Wade Middleton up to Montana to track down some big whitetail Deer! Then it's down to Chalmette, Louisiana for the IFA Redfish Tour Championship presented by Cabela's. Finally, we'll see what Angel Middleton has cooking in the Bradley Smoker!

  • A South African's First Turkey and College Bass Fishing Open

    Americana Outdoors welcomes Paul Kabalin from Engel Coolers on his first very turkey hunt and then it's off to Lake Dardanelle and the Collegiate Bass Fishing Open.

  • Get Out and Get Active!

  • Women in the Outdoors

  • Texas Quail Hunting

  • Get Out And Get Active