Cabela's Deer Gear TV

Cabela's Deer Gear TV

3 Seasons

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Cabela's Deer Gear TV
  • Cooking Up a Food Plot

    Episode 1

    In this Episode of Deer Gear we take a look at the Bradley Smoker, eliminating recoil with the HiViz Recoil Pad and learn about tilling our food plots with Cabela's Wildlife Management.

  • From the Ranch to the Vegas Strip

    Episode 2

    The guys from Cabela's Wildlife Management show us how to get rid of weeds in your food plot. Wade grabs hold of the Zippo Outdoor Woodsman and Purina AntlerMax & goes to work on the ranch. Then it's off to Vegas for the 2014 SHOT Show.

  • Handheld Stealth

    Episode 3

    Wade shows us the awesome images the new Stealthcam G42NG can offer. Garmin teaches us how to scout and track for your next hunt with their new line of handhelds. Finally Yamaha Outdoors takes us home with the Yamaha Viking.

  • Sight Seeing

    Episode 4

    HiViz Shooting Sights shows us what we've been missing with their line of sights. Yamaha Outdoors gives us a tour of the Yamaha Viking. We explore the Ranch and setup American Hunter Feeders, then we go after some wild pig with an all new bow from Cabela's.

  • Shed Hunting & Hand Guns

    Episode 5

    Cabela's WLM perfects our shed antler hunting skills. Then American Hunter & Purina educate us on food supplements. We debut the all new Viking VI, and Smith and Wesson go after a whitetail with a handgun from their Performance Center line.

  • Rattling Tips

    Episode 6

    In this episode of Deer Gear, Cabela's Wildlife Management plants Lab Lab. Wade talks food management and how to stay cool out in the heat. Wade also gives us insight into the world of rattling.

  • Bows, Knives, and Ammo

    Episode 7

    This episode features the Instigator Bow from Cabela's, new knives from Bubba Blade, and a look at Herter's Ammo.