Cabela's SportingDog Adventures

Cabela's SportingDog Adventures

13 Episodes

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Cabela's SportingDog Adventures
  • Generations

    Episode 1

  • Sagebrush Upland

    Episode 2

  • Huron Honkers

    Episode 3

  • Tournament Time

    Episode 4

  • Heartland Waterfowl

    Episode 5

  • Kansas Encounters

    Episode 6

    Jeff Fuller travels to Western Kansas for a Deer hunt that provides action, intrigue and truly unique situations. Watch hunts from the ground, tree and stalks, as well as learn about shed hunting on this big game adventure!

  • Late Season Roosters

    Episode 7

  • Vanishing Paradise

    Episode 8

    Jeff Fuller takes an educational trip to a vanishing paradise in Louisiana to learn about conservation.

  • Kids & Calls

    Episode 9

    Jeff Fuller and the SportingDog crew join Antonio "Duck Man" Jones and the hospitality of the Whispering Oaks Lodge in northeast Arkansas to bring in a boatload of ducks.

  • Mile High Upland

    Episode 10

    High flying adventure with Jeff quail hunting in Western Colorado.

  • Rooster Frenzy

    Episode 11

    It's cold, but the bird action is unbelievably hot! Join Jeff Fuller for pheasant hunting in Huron, South Dakota.

  • The Bucket List

    Episode 12

    Jeff Fuller takes his dog Dixie to Arkansas on her first duck hunt.

  • Best, Inspiring, Humorous

    Episode 13

    A lighthearted look back at Season 3 of SportingDog Adventures, and a preview of things to come.