7 Episodes

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  • Venison Meatballs

    Episode 1

    Angel is preparing a great new recipe that when paired with the Bradley Smoker can easily become a new favorite snack around camp--venison meatballs!

  • Cajun Smoked Redfish

    Episode 2

    Join Angel and Haley in the kitchen as they prepare one of their favorites in the Bradley Smoker: Cajun Smoked Redfish!

  • Smoked Jalapeno Venison Bacon Wrapped Snacks

    Episode 3

    Want to learn an easy way to make a snack? Angel Middleton has one for you using the Bradley Smoker! Learn how to smoke both jalepenos and venison for a great snack

  • Bacon Wrapped Doves Stuffed with Cream Cheese

    Episode 4

    Angel prepares bacon wrapped doves--how delicious do they look?

  • Bacon with Rapped Pork Loin

    Episode 5

    Learn how to make a smoked bacon wrapped porkloin. This great recipe is easy to make and will make everyone who tries it smile!

  • Smoked Venison Kabobs

    Episode 6

    Venison Kabobs! Learn how to make a great meal out of Venison and veggies. It's super easy and very tasty.

  • Venison Tacos

    Episode 7

    Let's join Cabela's pro staff member Angel Middleton in the kitchen with a great recipe for venison tacos!