Fishing and Hunting Texas

Fishing and Hunting Texas

3 Seasons

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Fishing and Hunting Texas
  • Sam Rayburn Saltwater

    Episode 1

    Sam Rayburn is currently one of the hottest lakes in the country. Host Clark Wendlandt catches fish on topwater there. Then Clark goes off season fishing, and uses bass techniques to catch redfish and trout.

  • Marble Falls

    Episode 2

    Host Clark Wendlandt fishes on a lake that he has never fished before.

  • Lake Fairfield

    Episode 3

    Clark tackles this small Texas impoundment that he has never seen before. He has one of those days you dream about!

  • Lake Amistad

    Episode 4

    Several years back, Amistad was one of the hottest lakes in the country. After taking a couple of years off it is on the rebound.

  • Lake Naconiche

    Episode 5

    See how Clark and fellow Strike King pro Todd Castledine tackle Lake Naconiche, a newly flooded East Texas reservoir.

  • Ducks and Bucks

    Episode 6

    Check out Clark with his daughter and son-in-law in a fun Texas duck hunt. Then Emily has the bow hunt you dream about.

  • Father/Daughter Whitetail

    Episode 7

    Join Clark and Emily as they hunt for big Texas whitetail.