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Watch this video and more on GONE TV

Rod and Reelin' the Red


Up Next in Season 2

  • Birddog on the Boat

    This week on The MudbuM Boys, the boys are honored to bring in their first camp guests, two Military Vets with the Heroes Hunting foundation. These two great American patriots get baptized in line-runnin river livin'. With "Birddog" at the helm making it look easy, and by far the most outrageous ...

  • Heroes Fishing, Part 2

    Well, the MudbuM Boy's last fishing trip is coming to an end. The Heroes Hunting boys have one last day at camp, and with their departure comes that nasty weather those dirty mud bandits have been dreaming of. Stay tuned to find out if the stormy weather is just what they needed to turn the bite on.

  • Trappin' The Chainsaw

    The fishing season might be over, but that's not gonna stop the ol' MudbuM Boys from getting out in the woods. The weather's not looking the best, but that's not gonna stop this wild bunch from their favorite trip of the year. So Kick r Back for some camping, trapping, hunting and cooking MudbuM ...